RE: OKVIM Team Registration and Rio Bravo Insurance Fees

TO: All OKAC churches and OKVIM team leaders
RE: OKVIM Team Registration and Rio Bravo Insurance Fees

Since its inception OKVIM has always strived for best practices along with always being open to new and improved ideas to pass along to our teams. Our goal is to be the best resource we can be to you and our conference in planning and executing effective mission journeys.
In this spirit, in 2017 we will be offering a new software tool for our OKVIM team leaders and our Youth Force Site Leaders. The software will make the sharing of common forms such as background checks, team member forms, etc., along with other useful tools to help make the management of your team less stressful and more efficient.

For the past twenty years we have been able to maintain a consistent fee structure with no increases. However, along with these software updates comes a necessary adjustment to our fees. Our new rate for team registration will now be $50.00 per team. This will help to offset the cost and usage of the new software. In addition, and to further make our systems work more smoothly, this new rate will also now cover the cost for the background check required for all team leaders. (Currently, team leaders fund their own background checks.)

The second change is related to the insurance coverage for all of our Rio Bravo teams. Many of these teams drive to McAllen and cross back and forth to Mexico and the Rio Bravo area, sometimes on a daily basis, while on mission. As international teams purchase coverage for use exclusively while outside the USA, this has left a gap in coverage while the team is within the borders of the United
States. Going forward and to insure that all of our Rio Bravo teams are fully covered either side of the border the insurance rate charged will increase by $1.00 to $4.75 per person per day. Essentially, this adds the cost of our domestic travel insurance to the international coverage.This will insure the full coverage of our teams while in the United States, including travelling from Oklahoma to the border, and
in the Rio Bravo area. These changes will take place effective January 1, 2017.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Lori Foster [(405) 530-2070 or ] or me.

Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry.

Jeremy Basset
Director, Office of Mission
(405) 530-2028