The purpose of Volunteers In Mission (VIM) is to share the love of Jesus Christ in ways that make a Christian difference

That is the goal of every mission team that goes to missions in Oklahoma, nationally and all over the world.
If you have a desire to make a meaningful difference; if you have a heart that is filled with compassion for the disadvantaged, the marginalized, the oppressed; if you want to respond to the love Jesus Christ has poured out on you, there is no better way than to offer yourself to God in mission.
Interested? Want more information? We hope the Holy Spirit has touched you to think about helping.

What VIM Does & Does Not Do

Mission is the work of each local church–as a partner of the Holy Spirit in God’s mission. This mission encompasses the healing of God’s world and all within it.
VIM seeks to support the church in ministering to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of all people, as well as the renewal of their environment. VIM operates in partnership with the church, advocating and facilitating the church’s ministry.

What VIM Does:

Works closely with our mission sites to ensure we hear and understand their needs and prepare our teams accordingly. Trains and properly prepares team leaders to ensure the success of each team’s mission and the safety of its members. Facilitates every aspect of a team’s mission, including transportation, housing, meals, and insurance. Supports each team from formation to completion, including any emergency that might arise while on a mission. Offers Its help, where asked, in the task of hosting missions and receiving teams An extensive list of ministries, churches and programs that ask VIM teams to assist in their mission work

What VIM Does Not Do:

Tell churches, in Oklahoma or anywhere else, what to do in fulfilling God’s call to mission (we work with each church to give expression to that congregation’s call to participate in God’s mission)

Work in other countries without an invitation from the Methodist entity in that country.

Determine the content (or tasks) of the mission.

(The church or entity that invites us requests assistance/support in various areas that include construction, health, Bible schools, evangelism, education, and so on)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't we just send the money?
Ours is an incarnational faith that believes presence and relationship are important. We are transformed through relationships – as are those to whom we go in service. This is what builds God’s kingdom. Mission experiences through VIM help us live out the essence of our faith as partners of God’s mission to our world. The projects we support through VIM would not receive the same level of support if it was just about sending money.
Why don't we do more at home?
There is so much need in our communities and within the USA God’s mission is never limited by geography. We are called to witness and serve in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. In numbers of volunteers, VIM does do most of its work near home. If people feel that their specific call is to work within their own communities, VIM can connect people and churches to numerous local projects.
Why should I book my mission through the VIM office?
There seems to be so much paperwork and costs charged. With years of experience in sending thousands of missioners on hundreds of missions, VIM has developed proven procedures and techniques for this ministry. Teams are assured their experience will be safe, meaningful and effective. The paperwork is a vital part of protecting each team member and the church, as well as ensuring proper accountability for all monies spent. The costs for using the office are minimal: about $100 per mission. Much of the overhead of the office is largely met through the generous support of conference apportionments.
What happens if we have an emergency or travel problem while on a mission?
VIM will provide your team leader with a detailed plan of what to do when problems arise, including and especially health and travel issues. We have a comprehensive insurance plan that provides for emergency evacuation from anywhere in the world. We also have 24-hour emergency contact with our travel agent if there are any problems with your flights.
Who should participate?
Youth groups, United Methodist Women, Seniors, United Methodist Men, Sunday School Classes, Families, Singles groups, God’s people from non-United Methodist churches, Groups whose members feel they can truly make a difference through personal service in mission.
How long does it take to plan and prepare for a mission?
An international mission takes the longest – and it is ideal to begin planning at least a year in advance. However, we do not recommend trying to do it in less than 6 months, especially if it is a new VIM site and/or country to which your team is going. For local and national missions, we can work to develop the details of a mission within a shorter time frame, but it still takes a full six months to get the team recruited, to inform and educate the congregation of your team, and to raise the funds for the mission project. There is enormous benefit to including all the members of the congregation in the planning and sending forth of “their” mission team!