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Join on Saturday, January 25, 2020

New Hope United Methodist Church

11600 N Council Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73162

10:00am to 2:00pm


Bishop Jimmy Nunn

Keynote speaker

Live stream conversations with

Bishop    Bolivia

Bishop   Chile

Bishop  Colombia

Bishop  Mexico


Guest presenters

Rev. Clayton Childers, GBCS


Our Workshop Offerings

Country Specific

4 Countries Bolivia Chile Colombia Mexico

Each workshop will dive into the specific needs, issues and areas of shared ministry.  Each workshop is facilated by the country coordinator and a GBGM representative.

Focus area

4 areas of focus  Community health Migration/refugees Poverty young adult and service

The four areas of focus are common to each of our 4 partnerships.

Opening and closing worship

Registration begins at 9:30am; with worship and the plenary at 10:00am.


Why Learn about our mission partnerships?

We are all about connections and relationship

Relationships are everything!  

Become a Better Learner

We never stop learning!

More Perspective on Culture

God is not just in my church, or your church, God is working all over!  

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Two heads are better than one.  We learn from each other


Workshop Descriptions


Bolivia used to be considered one of the most underdeveloped countries in all of Latin America.  It has a comparatively high indigenous population who had always been held at the margins of any economic, political or social improvements.  Recent years have been marked by a political change in that ALL are now declared equal.  Indigenous people, including indigenous women, are being hired in all public and private institutions.  But change, while positive, is still rather slow in this incredibly fast-paced world.  The Bolivia-Oklahoma Partnership began over 30 years ago when the Iglesia Evangélica Metodista en Bolivia (IEMB) invited Oklahoma to come to them, so that they could minister to us, and share with us their faith and culture.  We continue this simple formula of mutuality as we continue to recruit teams of all types such as medical, construction, Women’s Encounter, Bible School, pastoral training, curriculum development, and more.  Come join us as we perform a much-needed task, however placing a renewed emphasis on our PURPOSE of truly experiencing another culture and developing meaningful relationships with our Methodist brothers and sisters in Bolivia.


The Chile-Oklahoma Partnership offers Oklahoma United Methodists opportunities to connect with our sisters and brothers in South America, and build relationships that will strengthen our discipleship and ministries in both conferences. We share so many ministry interests with the Chilean church: disaster response, multi-ethnic communities, immigration, youth and children ministries, education, Methodist Women, Methodist Men, clergy recruitment and training, lay servant training, and more! Come and see how God is at work in our partnership with the Methodist Church of Chile, and how you and your church can be a part of making disciples here and there for the transformation of the world.


Colombia is a wonderful country with a sad history. We all are well aware of the drug wars (particularly in the 80’s and 90’s) that occurred in the country. A not so well known tragedy is that of paramilitary groups raging guerrilla warfare with the government for years. Out of this context the Colombian Methodist Church was born. The Methodist witness in Colombia has embraced being with the poor, marginalized, displaced, indigenous, afroColombian and the LGBTQI communities. The Colombian church intentionally, has worked to bring Jesus Christ to these afflicted communities. They started a clinic on a region where 9 rural communities benefit from the services the clinic provides.In Cartagena, the church is involved in working with orphans and empoverished children. In Bogotá, the capital, there are a couple of congregations who openly welcome the LGBTQI community and are pastored by openly gay pastors. In rural areas, the church works with indigenous communities to provide means of education for children and adults. In Medellin, the churches are located in the inner city.The Colombian Methodist Church is the embodiment of Jesus’ words: “‘I assure you that when you have done it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me.” I pray you feel moved to join the work the Holy Spirit is doing in this country and become an agent of change alongside our brothers and sisters of the Colombian Methodist Church


Manos Juntas (Hands Together) began in Rio Bravo Mexico in 1991. They serve their community, as well as serving the surrounding states, as a representative of the Methodist Church of Mexico. They have a deep passion to invest and empower those community members to build a meaningful relationship with Jesus and lead others through their Christian values. Manos Juntas believes deeply in investing in children and youth to build up as leaders of today through education and skills training. They welcome a multitude of teams from the United States that partner with Manos Juntas to invest in the community members through construction projects, medical campaigns, orphanages, education projects, mission Bible schools, and many others. Our hope is that you would be prayerful about how you can walk alongside Manos Juntas to serve the people of Mexico, and help create disciples of Jesus Christ for the kingdom of God across our borders.

Community Health

Community health is a focus of each of our partnerships. While the specifics vary, each Conference is seeking to understand and respond to the health challenges of its communities. This workshop will focus especially on Community-Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC), on the health challenges among the poor, and on strategic health care partnerships.


We must recognize that poverty is a systemic problem; and requires systemic solutions. At the same time, we must remember that those most affected by poverty are children of God, individuals in whom we see the very face of Christ. It is time to consider new models of caring which promote relationship while also focusing on the broken systems that are leading so many to live lives of perpetual poverty. Led by Clayton Childers from the General Board of Church and Society.


This workshop will explore ministry among refugees and migrants, another theme of each of our partners in different ways. Whether fleeing violence, transiting through a country, or resettling in a new country, the churches of our partner conferences are finding creative and loving ways to reflect God’s love to the stranger in their midst.

Young Adults

We are committed in each of our partnerships to connecting young people with each other in ministry and mission. This workshop will explore different ways to engage in mission: internships, individual volunteers, short- and long-term missionaries, including the two major programs of GBGM, Global Mission Fellow and US2 (both 2-year commitments, globally and US-based).




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